The Singing Midwife Tour

So, by now you probably know that I’m going on tour. Hooray!

I’m going to be singing all manner of songs which are in any way slightly related to the work of a midwife – songs about babies being made on the roof of a park shed, about picking blueberries in a Tennessee hippy commune, about how dads feel after being up all night (yet again)… I’ll also be  sharing some stories from a millenia rich history of myths and legends to do with birth. And sex.

I’m doing it to raise money for the independent midwives can stay legal. With the pending new EU legislation that means insurance will be mandatory for all health professionals, and the fact that no insurance company would insure us (go figure), we’ve had to raise £72,000 to set up an insurance scheme which will allow us to continue practising.  All the money I raise will go into the new charity being set up to help deal with this issue.

It’s all rather strange really, especially as a new report JUST OUT confirms that what independent midwives do is, really and truly, offer the best kind of care possible to women and babies. And that’s for *all* women, regardless of their ‘risk’ status.

Here’s yesterday’s article in The Independent about it:

Maternity survey shows one-to-one care from the same midwife is safer – and cheaper

What can I say?!!!!

So, I’m hitting the road. In case you haven’t already, please watch my video and check out my crowdfunder pageand donate to the cause… I need to raise a good few hundred squid to make this thing happen.

And to give you a taste of what’s to come, here’s that song about the blueberries (and a link to explain why on God’s earth it’s got anything to do with midwifery...)

You can check out the tour dates and buy tickets here


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