turn on your tv set….

Ah, the power of TV…


I don’t know about you, but I spent nearly every waking hour as a child watching the box (it was either that or playing with my dollies, or pretending to be on TOTP). It was my main point of reference, it kept me amused, entertained, and potentially slightly informed.

I grew up, left home, moved into student accomodation where that was no TV, and have never owned a set since…

But this Thursday, March 21st, I’ll be glued to a box somewhere, as ITV airs a pilot documentary called Home Delivery.

home delivery

Featuring ex-kissogram Virginia Howes, it’s the first TV show ever made to focus on independent midwifery, and comes in the wake of all those dreadful TV birth documentaries that have jammed the airwaves over the last few years.

If enough people watch it, they are planning to commission a series. So…


on Thursday at 9pm, turn all the tellies in your house on to ITV! And maybe tell all your pals to do the same

lots of tvs

and, even, maybe, consider actually watching it (it’s going to be *great*)

The programme comes at a particularly apt time, as independent midwives like myself have less than 2 months left to campaign to get affordable insurance… or we’ll become illegal (for more on this, please check out the campaign)

save our midwife

Well, now I’ve said all that, I guess it’s time for a song. Here’s a blast from the past with some early 1980s BBC kids telly – perhaps you remember this fantastic theme tune. Talk about subversion….


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