Can you dig it?

Yesterday, in the Newcastle snow, a group of women took spades, forks and trowels and started digging a Mamagarden.

The Mamagarden…before digging (it is snowing, honest)


Digging (extra marks if you can spot the woman in early labour)


Après diggin (where did all those weeds go?!)


Based in the west end of Newcastle, The Mamagarden is a community garden project where women of all ages can come and learn about and grow herbs that are beneficial for women and babies’ health. Herbs like raspberry leaf, sage, motherwort, lady’s mantle, fennel, shepherd’s purse, cinnamon, and black cohosh. We’re growing a Mamagarden so as to serve our community’s mind, body and soul: mind – by providing focused, enjoyable, meaningful activity, community, beauty and learning opportunities, body – because the herbs are so health-promoting, and being outside working is so good for us, and soul – because being outside, with people, is a basic human need.My hope is that local mamas may have less postnatal depression with the Mamagarden around.

In the long term, I hope the Mamagarden will become a place for families to visit, for children to grow up in, knowing the smell of earth and how seeds grow, for midwives and doulas to come and study, for people to feel empowered about taking control of their own healthcare.

A place of growth.

St John’s Wort, a herb often used in the treatment of depression, and also a great nerve soother st john's wort

Scouring the internet for an appropriate song to celebrate, communicate and commemorate this great day, I came across The Garden Song by Arlo Guthrie. I couldn’t resist posting it here, given that Arlo Guthrie is a particular novelty love of mine (the flat I used to live in in Glasgow still says Guthrie on the doorbell – a throwback to the brief time when I used to perform as a wig-wearin’ novelty country-singin’ act called  JD Guthrie. JD was great. I’ve still got the wig. But that’s another blog post entirely…)

Good ol’ Arlo.  Check out that sun tan. Check out that hair (surely not a wig). Check out the Alice’s Restaurant-esque comedy pseudo-political dialogue in the middle. Check out the hippy couple in the audience with the newborn baby.

All together now! Inch by inch, row by row..

If you’d like to get involved in the Mamagarden, please get in touch


5 thoughts on “Can you dig it?

  1. Love the mama garden! What a brilliant idea. I hope you also have a potting shed with a kettle for maximum pleasure! I once designed a beautiful polytunnel in the shape of three nested semi-circles – if I ever get any money I will come and build you one.

    • hi Amy, we’re working on the potting shed and kettle 🙂 And I so hope the uber gods send pots of money your way, so you can come and build us nested polytunnels- sounds like the kind of thing every Mamagarden needs! x

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